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LACK Retuschering Röd

Art.nr: 150710-35

retuscheringslack, röd. 100 ml. burk.

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JOHA® Retouching varnish
JOHA® Retouching varnish is ideal for repairing damaged varnish on musical instruments.
It is made using selected resins and a special solvent, thus providing excellent adhesion to damaged areas. In order to achieve better cover, JOHA® Retouching Varnish has a slightly stronger color.
The composition of this special retouching varnish means that it is ideal for repairs to both spirit and oil varnishes.
The appropriate thinner should be used with JOHA® retouching varnish.
JOHA® retouching varnish is available in six colors: clear, brown, yellow, red, golden yellow and black.
All colors can be mixed with each other.
The retouching varnish should be thickly dabbed or painted onto the area to be repaired; leave to dry completely and then sand smooth to match the remaining varnish.

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